Software That Knows You Better Than Your Friends

Well, this can either be exciting or really frightening, depending on how you look at it.

Cambridge University developed new software that is able to describe your personality better then the people who know you. A technology expert from the Press Association took the software to a test on social media. She set the software to analyse his personality based on his own Facebook profile.

The result was quite astonishing.

Even with the software knowing about the age order gender of the tester it accurately reported his age and gender.

The smart software likewise predicted that there was a 53% chance that he was single.

Aside from those basic statistics, the other information given by the software program was even more interesting.

It conducted a thorough what’s called “big five” personality analyses then displayed all sort of data related to the person using pie charts.

So, what you think? Is this technology frightening or do you think it could be beneficial?