Yoga In London

If you’re like me, often busy and tied up with tedious programming work, rest assured stress will show its ugly head sooner or later. Its then, when stress starts to dominate your day that your work and most importantly your health can seriously suffer.

yoga-classesMost of the time, simply relaxing sounds a lot easier than it actually is. For most of us computer guys, it’s not as easy since he cannot just switch off our minds.

I found myself often going home from work still pondering over a problem from work, unable to get the much-needed relaxation to gain back all the lost energy.

But I found a great way to reduce stress!

Take my word, you should sign up with a good fitness gym! No, I don’t mean that you should sweat to build up muscles, and no, you don’t have to exercise to lose weight either if you don’t have to.

Some of the better fitness gyms in London are offering classes such as yoga or other types of relaxation that are immensely helpful. Heck, you could even sign up for martial arts classes!

If you join such a class you can also meet like-minded folks. I found yoga classes the best way to switch of my busy mind and also to get a healthy dose of socialising between my computer-related work. What’s best, these class can be incredible fun too!

However, you need to know one thing: not all fitness gyms in London are offering classes like that. You might have to look around until you find a good gym that can offer you yoga or Martial arts classes, but they are out there! You can check out London Fields Fitness if you happen to be in east London. This is the one I like best so far, at least here in my area.

Advantages of Shipping Software For Businesses

shipping software-6What are the most important things for almost any type of business?

* Customer satisfaction

* Working cost-efficiently

* To avoid unnecessary spending

If a business wants to achieve those above things, it’s sometimes those things that the business owner didn’t even consider that can be the solution.

For businesses that deal with shipping of goods, available shipping software can be such a solution.

Businesses that ship goods are highly reliant on a timely delivery. This is paramount when you want to keep happy customers that receive their orders quickly. No business can afford hold-ups and delays when it comes to shipping.

The other critical point here is that you will need to know about the most cost-effective ways to ship your goods. Especially if you ship your merchandise in other countries it will be very difficult to always keep track of the most economical ways to shipping. The other major issue here can be custom regulations were is almost impossible to know them in regards to each particular shipment. Shipping software can automate the entire process of keeping track of this type of information. It will always know about the most cost-effective way to ship and can also alert you when a particular shipment could be problematic.

In my own experience, the investment into a modern shipping software package will quickly have paid for itself many times over. This is the reason I can recommend it to you especially if you rely on an efficient and hassle-free shipping process.

On Private Education in the UK

The public schools in the United Kingdom are not always the best choice. This is in particular true in an economy where good education should have preference before anything else.

private-schoolWhether you want to learn using the latest high-tech and computers or whether you pursue other things such as the arts and music, public schools in the UK can by and large be a very poor choice due to various reasons.

Judging from my own experience I have not seen one private school in the UK that suffered from some of those problems many public schools in UK have.

The most common issues encountered had been a lack of funds for public schools, resulting in outdated teaching equipment, none or very little activities such as educational trips (due to lack of funding), overcrowded classrooms and many more.

Sports in particular is one of those subjects that is often not getting enough attention in public schools but this is likewise affecting things such as computer classes and many others.

In my opinion, education is not an area where are you should accept compromises for your children. Take into account the children may well spend many years in one particular school and that the quality of the school can often be deciding over their future lives and careers. Seeing that private, independent schools in the UK are often having much better choices and a much higher quality all around I’m strongly advocating that young children they should attend private schools to max out their chances later on in life.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of private schools in the UK you can read all about it at private school Hertfordshire. This is the school my children attend but I’m sure there are more similar good schools in the United Kingdom. You can also find some information here at this link:

Research: White British Pupils Least Likely to go to University

According to a new study, white British pupils are the least likely ethnic group in the United Kingdom to go to university.

Research that had been conducted by the Institute for Fiscal Studies revealed that young people from every other ethnic group including migrants from the Caribbean, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis are more likely to pursue further education.

The recently published numbers show how just under one in three of white British pupils will go on to university. Compare that to Indian and Chinese pupils who on average are more than twice as likely to go to university compared to their white British counterparts. More than 75% of Indian pupils and 67% of Chinese pupils will attend university, the study shows.

The study also found that those Chinese pupils from the lowest socio-economic group are more than 10% likely to go to university as compared to whites in the UK with a wealthy background.

Surprising to see is that those British pupils in the lowest socio-economic group are less likely to go to university as compared to pupils with other ethnic backgrounds.

What Makes E-Invoices Attractive For Businesses?

If you’re a business owner, chances are that you have already heard of electronic invoicing or E invoices. The reason for the current rather justified “hype” about electronic invoices is that it can provide you numerous benefits. Let’s talk about those benefits of E-invoices for your business.

e-invoice-benefitsOne thing is for sure, the traditional invoicing process hasn’t improved a lot throughout the last decades. This is astonishing seeing that many other things where a business service are concerned have greatly improved the same time.

Obviously, all of us today will be familiar with email, fax and computers. Those things are pretty standard in any type of office of business today. It is the more surprising that there are still many businesses who use the traditional invoicing process with all its disadvantages:

You will print out your paper invoices and mail them to your supplier, in some cases you may probably just add the paper invoices to your merchandise when you mail it.

With this means is that every invoice will take several days until it can be received since it is using postal mail. Worse, once received, someone will have to transfer the data from that paper invoice into a computer system. This is a rather error-prone process and of course it also will take some time to get this done. It’s an unusual and large companies that are still using this type of invoicing are dedicating an entire branch office just for their daily invoicing process.

Electronic invoices do not have any of those disadvantages. As soon as the invoice is created it will be converted into a digital “electronic ” format. Once the invoice has become an E-invoice it can be sent and received instantly, much so as your email. In addition to the significant time savings of electronic invoicing it is also doing away with the need to manually transfer data into an accounting system upon receipt.

For businesses, the switch to electronic invoices does not require any new technology nor will you have to train staff. All you will need to do is send your invoice data to a electronic invoicing provider which will do the conversion for you, as opposed to printing it out. In other words, the process is very easy and straightforward.

With the many benefits from electronic invoicing, businesses today cannot only save a significant amount of time but also money that would otherwise need to be expended on staff or to operate the mail room.

Software That Knows You Better Than Your Friends

Well, this can either be exciting or really frightening, depending on how you look at it.

Cambridge University developed new software that is able to describe your personality better then the people who know you. A technology expert from the Press Association took the software to a test on social media. She set the software to analyse his personality based on his own Facebook profile.

The result was quite astonishing.

Even with the software knowing about the age order gender of the tester it accurately reported his age and gender.

The smart software likewise predicted that there was a 53% chance that he was single.

Aside from those basic statistics, the other information given by the software program was even more interesting.

It conducted a thorough what’s called “big five” personality analyses then displayed all sort of data related to the person using pie charts.

So, what you think? Is this technology frightening or do you think it could be beneficial?